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Richard Carlton

CEO & Senior Engineer, RC Consulting, Inc.

Product Manager & Video Trainer, FMTraining.TV

RCC is a consultancy focused on the training and development of custom apps, using the FileMaker Platform. RCC was started is 1990 and has been steadily growing over the years. In 2016 RCC developed a coaching program.

The coaching program is designed to be a highly discounted program that empowers you to develop your own solutions or customize FM Starting Point. This allows you to custom-tailor your coaching experience and apply real-time fixes to your solution.

Coaching sessions are conducted remotely. The software we use allows our coach to remote into your computer to “share the screen,” or if you prefer, you can remote into the coach’s screen and see things on their end. 

The training is limited to design and development of FM Starting Point, or similar databases. Training on advanced topics like PHP, Server Support, connection to Quickbooks, etc, is not available under this program.

Richard provides live stream Twitch broadcasts for general Q&A on the FileMaker Platform. You can check the schedule here: FMtraining.TV

If you are interested in the coaching program we would be happy to offer you a free initial consult to discuss your project or demo how the coaching works. To contact RCC, e-mail:

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